Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Toddler

So, this is my little toddler. She is now by definition one, though she still acts like a big baby sometimes. Oh, and we have been working on the word baby. I watch a 2 month old for about 16 hours a week and so I have been teaching Addison that we have to be gentle with the baby. The other day I found her practising her b sounds so I just kept saying baby over and over again. she is starting to put sounds together and recognize things. Whenever I say "where's Dada" she looks at the front door expecting him to walk in. It is so cute. She is now climbing. I have mixed emotions about this.

Middle of November and my grass is still GREEN

Birthday Girl

Addison is now one year old. Only 17 more to go! Ok, not really but some days I feel that way. She is all over the house, yard and other kids. She only stops to eat(and that is minimal), observe other kids, and when she is forced to crash for a while (sleep). We had lots of fun watching her demolish the traditional 1st birthday cake with a few friends and family. She was more into making a mess then eating. I also got to talk to my mom and dad all the way in Honduras, it was just so exciting to here their voices. I know I don't write them enough and I'm sorry, but I still love you. I just can't get over how much I love this little girl. It has been so much fun having her in our family, and I know she is very loved by all. So Happy Birthday Addison! We love you!

Sleeping in until 10!

Addison's best friends

Monday, November 17, 2008


We are going to Arizona for Thanksgiving. That means that anyone who is going to be there and wants to see us needs to let me know. But if you don't want to see us, that's ok, I really don't like you that much anyway!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Shoes

Addison now wants to walk all the time, isn't very good at it yet but wants to all the same. She won't keep her socks on if she is contained for more than a min. so I decided that even though she really isn't ready for shoe she needs them in order to be able to walk around outside our home. Here are some pictures of the cute little thing doing what she does best.

Just really cute, she couldn't stop giggling

Monday, November 3, 2008


Yeah, so Addison is now walking. Not all the time but she is definitely mastering her fears and self confidence issues. That is a lot for an 11 month old to handle. Also, one other thing I forgot to mention about Halloween. We got in an accident. We are perfectly fine and the car is only a little hurt, it is just a major inconvenience. So I guess more news to come on each o these things as they unfold, though the whole walking thing will probably not produce much in the way of news so much as just more of the same exciting thing. I guess I will have to start putting her in shoes when we go out.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you all had a great time, we did. Our festivities started on Wed. night at the ward party. Then on Friday night we went out with Grandma Downs (dad had to work). I think I have the cutest little chick ever, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Farmer John and his Chick
All the cute little animals

So this one is driving from the mall. Addison had stole a piece of the candy from he bucket and fussed whenever I tried to take it away. So I just let her have it. It was mini M&Ms and by the time she fell asleep with them in her mouth they were completely melted. I gave those to John.