Wednesday, July 23, 2008

San Diego

It's been a while so there is a lot to share. It has taken so long to get pictures up because when I was messing with them on my computer I some how erased them. Thankfully there is a guy I work with who is a bit computer/photography savvy and had a program that helped me get them back. First off, San Diego. We go every year, or at least try to make it, with my dad's family. So much fun, I love the beach. We had all of my siblings there this year. It was a little strange without mom and dad, but there was so much space. (the room is usually cluttered with everything from boogie boards to roller blades) There are tons of pictures so beware. Here is everything from Addison's point of view.

We are finally here!

Being Introduced to the ocean, soon I too can be a little suffer girl

Now the Sand

I had to have a snack

And then I was tired

But not for long!

Emily and I played a lot
The last night we went and watched the sun set
Can we do it all again next year?
Yeah, we all had a lot of fun. Next year maybe we can do the Zoo or something. I just love it because it is time to just relax and hang out on the beach and do nothing. Here are some pictures of the whole family:

These are all the grand and great-grand kids of Grandma Nan

This is the slide that has become a yearly tradition, it also draws a large crowd.

We also had a good fourth of July over at John's parents house. We had a barbecue and set off fire works. John is just a big kid who's toy just get more expensive.