Monday, March 24, 2008

For those of you who haven't noticed, I have started a new Blog on cooking.

We have had some fun things happening. Addison had her 4 month appointment last Friday. She is 14# 2 1/2oz (57th %), 25in long (76th %) and a whopping 42cm head (90th %)!! She is getting big fast. She also had her shots and was fussy all weekend. Sorry Dad.

Dad was here this weekend to watch CAC in the NJCAA Basketball tournament. The team lost the final game by 1 point. it was disappointing but still fun to see. As always he brought his CSI, never ending supply of paper towels in his pocket and lots of Famous Amos. I love you dad!

In this picture Addison figured out how to make the oh so cool music come on all by herself.

Here we were trying to feed her some cereal with great success. She has been eating it from a bottle for about 2 weeks and now we are trying the spoon more.

This is her new favorite toy. It is a cow that vibrates and sing. She hasn't figured out how to start it, but keeps looking at us to play it again. Thank Don and Val!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't Forget to Laugh

This is how I feel most weekends!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lunch Break

Ok, I know that I am terrible about keeping up on pictures and I want to apologize. I want to share Addison with everyone as much as you want to see her, because apparently John and I no longer matter. It's just hard to do. The computer is now downstairs and while she is awake there is never a good moment to just run down and download them. When I get home from work I usually have to make dinner with one hand, then feed Addison, then it's bath time, then we read a story and sing a song, then we fight going to sleep for 30 min while mom holds her and tells her it's ok, she really isn't going to miss anything. Once she finally does knock out, I have 1 precious hour to do all of the house cleaning, read my scriptures, write in my journal, etc., before I have to go to bed. If I try to stay up too late I am a bit of a zombie for work the next day after waking up 4 times (yes, every 2 hours!) to comfort the teething child (we think, otherwise she just eats way too much and I'm not looking forward to when I have to pay for it) Also, by the time I actually do download the pictures I have so many to go though and photo shop and pick which to share, there are many, I am down there for about an hour and the fussy, only unhappy when dad is holding her, baby is driving John insane. So I come to the rescue, but no pics on the web yet, I'm still sorting. So next chance I get, 3 days later, I go back downstairs and try to finish up during her power nap. If I'm lucky I am able to get some up, but sometimes her naps are short. But they do eventually get up. You will just have to be happy with my ranting for now.

Have I ever told you how much I love being a mom. I really do. I also love spellcheck.

oh I almost forgot, Addison is 4 months today!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Great Grandpa Downs

John's Grandpa Edward is failing in his health. We were going to go and see him and grandma for Christmas so they could see Addison, but the weather was bad. We couldn't seem to find time any other weekend because we were just so darn busy. Sadly we have recently been brought to the point of changing a priority or two. He had a major a couple of weeks ago and in the care of that, they found that he has cancer beyond the point of treatment. They also said that any near relations should come soon and needless to say, we rushed downs to see him. Though definitely a product of his generation, he is a sweet old man and was overjoyed to see Addison. They had a very good conversation, but she kept interrupting him. All but one of John's uncles and cousins were able to come and see him also. It was almost like a family reunion. I'm just glad that he is still here and able to see everyone before he goes.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3 Month Portraits

We went and had her 3 month pictures done yesterday, finally, and here is what they look like. Enjoy.