Friday, May 30, 2008


Addison is offically sitting up. Just last Friday she surprised me by sitting on the floor without my help and then kept it up for like 20 min. Now she goes what feels like forever. I still feel like I have to be close though, we have had a few spills (hard wood floors and soft head, you get the picture). She enjoy her toys a lot more, but mostly just sits and looks at the world from a new perspective. She is just getting too big. Next I'll have to completlly redecorate my upstair to prevent broken item.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

6 Month Check up

Addison is now 6 Months old. I can't believe it! It went by so fast. Here are her measurements:

Height: 25.75, 50%

Weight: 16# 14.5oz, 51%

Head: 44.5 cm, 95%

They just grow up so fast. Funny thing, when she had her shots she of course cried and was all kinds of mad. I tried to calm her down and when we left the office she was doing the whole gulping for breath thing that they do after they cry. We got to the next doctors office and had to wait a little bit. We were sitting in the waiting room and just having fun and she was giggling like crazy. She obviously gets over things very quickly. Even if her head is her dad's (huge) that just goes to show the Tomkinson bipolar side of her.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Yard

Well for those who don't remember, this last winter there was a huge ice storm and our yard was littered with fallen tree branches. We have been so busy for the past few months that clearing said branches was put on the back burner. Well we, meaning John with minimal help from me because of having a baby at my side, have finally cleared these away. I swear it took at least 20 trips to the burn pit in a F-150 to get rid of them all. Now we can finally mow the yard. Which brings us to our next issue, the lawn mower. We bought a riding one at an auction 2 years ago and it has been nothing but trouble since. We finally gave in and got a new one last weekend. Now John actually wants to mow. Lesson learned: if you want your husband (aka large child) to do a household chore, buy him a new toy!

Before and After:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am so sore. I started running about a week and a half ago and am so not used to that. I was a swimmer, and though I have strong legs, 90% is upper body for me. My legs were pretty much there to help balance me, not push me along (except for breast stroke). On top of this, we had a shop run the past 2 days. This means squatting, lifting, pulling and all kinds of movements that are not a daily thing. I hurt anytime I have been stationary for more then 2 min. Let's just say I don't plan on running tonight, I'm thinking yoga sounds better.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Funeral

I know that it has been a week since the event, but I thought I should mention it. John's Grandpa Ed passed away a little bit ago. We went to the funeral last Tuesday. It was nice to see his family again, we just don't get to see them enough. It seems as though the only time they get together any more is for a wedding or a funeral. Anyway, the ceremony was nice, very emotional. I have rarely seen John cry (it's usually me doing the crying and him doing the holding), but even though we all knew this was coming it just seemed to hit him a little too hard. I really hope that he is willing to accept the Gospel so we can be with him again. We love you grandpa.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Oh So Fun Weekend

I just got back from a great weekend with my family in AZ. I love to go and visit, it makes me want to move back more and more. I took Addison with me and we had a great time seeing her cousins and crazy aunts. She of course was the perfect child. She did great on the airplanes, talked nonstop to anyone who would listen (I don't know where she got that from) and except for messing with her sleeping routines, which she is very strict about, wasn't fussy at all. Everyone seemed to love her. I had a wisdom tooth pulled. I just appreciate my dad so much, he is so good at what he does. I didn't have any complications, and not very much pain. Later that night we had a girls night and made crafts until 2am. It then continued into the next day. I made 4 wall hangings, others made 6, but it was all fun. Now I'm back to the real world where I have to go to work everyday and do laundry and dishes. Though it went by way too fast, the break was fun while it lasted.