Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ok, thinks that have happened the last couple months

-San Diego, always a blast, I may post on that later.

-Started school (work) again and love my staff. Since working at the school district I have come to discover what I am really good at. It's the people skills that I am having to work on.

-Pregnant, having a boy in January. I am excited for this, but trying not to think too much about it.

-John is going to school full time at CAC. He is going to go into computers. We have talked about it for years so it is great to finally have him do it. It is amazing what a job you hate will motivate you to do.

-We are homeschooling Addison for preschool. We couldn't find anything affordable that fit our scheduals so we are taking it into our hands. She loves to do her homework, and I think that its the only time of day when she is quiet. She also loves to draw. Very good at it too.

-I'm still working at Brownies, just taking a break. I am too tired. The plan is for me to come back after the baby is born and help run things. I just hope buisness is better by then.

-Addison is excited to be a big sister and have someone to play with. She keeps talking about when her baby brother comes. She says things like, I wish he could come out now. Also, she knows we are going to Disneyland after he comes, but I don't think she knows what it is.

Life is simple and to an outsider probably boring around here, but we love it.