Friday, December 21, 2007

1 Month Checkup

Addison is growing fast!! We had her 1 month check up Wednesday and she is doing well at 9lb 11oz and 21 1/2 in. long. She is just about average across the board. She has been smiling lately, and more than just the gassy kind. She also laughs in her sleep sometimes, though it is more like a laugh/sigh. It is really cute. I'm loving staying at home right now and am sad that I have to go back to work in a week and an half. It will be hard but we have a great person taking care of her.

She was a little hungry!
ready to go shopping with mom

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ice Storm

This past week here in Kansas on Monday night, we had a huge ice storm. It knocked out the power in most of the town for at least a day. Some people are still without power. We lost it for about 24 hours and would have been fine if it wasn't for our 3 week old baby we needed to keep warm. I stayed at the house all day and we ate dinner with some friends that were kind enough to feed and house us. We then spent the night in the break room of the green house where John's uncle Lloyd works. They had a generator going and pulled out a couple of mattresses they had laying around. It wasn't ideal, but it was warm. The pictures are of our trees that fell and thankfully didn't hurt the house. I made a huge mess, but the ice is beautiful. Today it is 50 outside. Kansas weather is so weird!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Parents came by recently, surprising me with a visit from dad. He stayed 2 days, but mom stayed for a week. It was so nice to have her here. I really enjoyed the naps I was able to take in the afternoons while grandma held Addison. She also cleaned my oven! Which is something I have been putting off for 2 years now. Here are some fun shots, I just love her faces!

Ward Christmas Party
Grandma T