Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy 3 Months!

Addison was 3 months old yesterday and we are all still alive! This morning she was practicing her rolling over and got to her side about 5 times. I'm so proud. We went through and replaced all of the 0-3m clothes that are just a tiny bit snug with the almost too big 3-6m ones. She has a lot more dresses in this batch so she will actually look like a girl. She also had a great night last night, she slept from 9pm until 5am. the only problem is she didn't want to go back to sleep so mommy got up an hour earlier than usual. But her smile just melts my heart.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Just an update on us

Addison consumes our lives. She is getting so big, about 12# now and is about ready for size 3 month clothes. She smiles whenever John looks at her or when she is done eating, a girl after my own heart. She is even learning how to laugh. She does it in her sleep some times, which is really cute, but not very audibly when she is awake. We just got her a mobile and it is working like a dream. It helps her fall asleep in her crib, not my arms. I just look at her everyday and am stunded that she is really mine. She is like a perfect little doll when she sleeps. I don't think that words can decribe how I feel about her. All I can say is that I now have a glimps of how God must feel about us.

John just got finished selling 2 of our cars so he could buy a Crown Victoria. He's kind of weird, but you know that. He has been really busy lately doing random things. It just seems that when he is actually able to spend a day or evening at home it is consumed by some project from his never ending to do list. He doesn't get to spend much time with Addison, but when he does, he makes it worth while. Oh, and he just had his 30th birthday, the old man. We didn't do anything for it, in fact he was bowling that night, but I think he prefered it that way.

My greatest accomplishment lately, besides the rearing of the most beautiful child I have ever seen, is that I am finally on the last book of the Harry Potter series. I have a feeling it won't take very long to finish. I also am stating to explore more hobbies. I am kind of getting sick of doing wedding cakes. It takes too much mentle energy to get myself started ( dad, you understand) and I am hindered by the closemindedness of the brides that I work with. It also cost too much to do just for fun. I still decorate cakes every now and then, just not very often. But, at the top of the list is candle making. And I know I would like wood working, I just need someone to show me. Same with gardening, I am definatly at a beginning level in that department. I don't know why but I just love making thinks with my hands, and see things grow. I have always had the mentality of if I can make it, why should I buy it. There are a few things that I might not venture for a while, mainly clothes.