Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Snowed

I have mixed feelings about the whole snow thing.

1. I HATE to clean my car off in the winter time.
2. It is really stinking cold right now.
3. I have not left the house for 3 days and am running low on milk and other perishables.
4. I am afraid of a repeat of last years ice storm.
5. Kansas weather is crazy, just last Saturday it was in the 60's
6. I have yet to have a White Christmas.
7. It's fun to play in, for about 30 sec. Then your hands freeze even with gloves on and the melted stuff gets in your shoes.
8. It's really pretty, until it gets dirty from all the traffic.
9. I do like to drink hot chocolate and watch a fire burn. We don't have a fireplace though, and who really needs the extra calories.

Ok, maybe I'm just really negative about it. I grew up in Arizona! I never had it snow for Christmas, and you could even go golf if that is your thing. I just really miss the heat. Morgan, If you read this, I will gladly trade you. Gas is just too expensive to heat your house to a non chilly point. I took Addison outside yesterday on our porch and after a min she started to freak out because her hand was freezing. Sorry John, I think we are going to have to veto the whole living in Kansas thing. I am so moving back to AZ someday!


Trisha said...

How about moving back now? I would love to have a cousin close for my kiddos1

Suzanne said...

Just think how grateful you should be for this so-called global warming thing. Imagine how cold it would be without it!!!

Sara said...

I agree on you moving back!!