Monday, July 25, 2011


This summer I have been taking care off my mom's flowers.  She has been gone and I don't have a cool setup like she does.  Well, in the front I planted some morning glory because I love the flower they give.
  If you know anything about cotton you know that this is one of your worst enemys.  Our family has a cotton farm that my dad grew up working on.  Todd and I both worked on it as well.  My job was to chop the morning glory before it got big enough to start vining its self around the cotton plant.  If it did, it was a pain to get it off without destroying the cotton.  The problem of it lies in this.  The vines grow and spread over everything.  They then clog the picker and slow org even hault the harvesting of the cotton.  To say the least, farmers consider it a weed.
My dad came home earlier this summer for the weekend and saw the morning glory growing happily in his flower pots.  I think it took every fiber of his being to not pull it.  this last saturday I went over and pulled all dead flowers from the pots because I lives in arizona and everything dies in the summer here.  in the front where I had planted the morning glory, it was the only thing left alive.  I just had to giggle a little over it all.

I love you dad.


Todd said...

I had serious flashbacks after reading this. I remembered field #2 and how it would sometimes take us 1+ weeks just to get through the one field...